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Annuities can be the perfect financial tool to provide you with a worry-free retirement. They eliminate the risk of running out of money in your lifetime. If you have come to realize that you can't afford all of your retirement needs should you live to 100, you should talk to us about annuities.

Annuities are an insurance product that allow you to choose between a guaranteed stream of income for life, or for whatever period of time you wish. You make a lump sum payment to an insurance company, and they offer you guaranteed income payments.

You can convert savings, registered retirement funds or proceeds from the sale of your home or property to provide yourself with a guaranteed income stream. If your investment into your annuity comes from non-registered funds, your payments are largely tax-free. Also, insurance companies will also guarantee your payments, even if your initial capital runs out.

Annuities offer no market risk, unlike the risks you take on by owning stock and bonds, or fluctuating interest rates that can dramatically affect return from your savings. 

They also allow you to assign any funds left in your annuity upon your passing to beneficiaries - which can be a loved one, and/or your favourite charity. Your benefiaries will receive the proceeds of your annuities quickly, and these funds are not subject to probate taxes and fees.

The financial experts at Bequest Insurance can offer you the best annuity rates in Canada.

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Sample Monthly Payments for life 
from a $100,000 Annuity

60/Male: $520.49 = 6.25%/yr.

60/Female: $474.46 = 5.70%/yr.

70/Male: $670.37 = 8.04%/yr.

70/Female: $600.99 = 7.21%/yr.

75/Male: $778.23 = 9.34%/yr.

75/Female: $700.67 = 8.41%/yr.