Comfortable retirement

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Comfortable Retirement

A wise old man once said to me
To be as happy as you can be
Save a little each day, Just tuck it away
Retire early, And you will be free. 
Bakespeare, Canadian poet

You don’t want to worry about money for the rest of your life!

The cornerstone solution for a comfortable retirement is to turn your savings into a pension that will provide at least enough guaranteed income to cover all your core expenses – for as long as you live.

Years ago, the term “retirement risk zone” referred to the five years before retirement and 5 years into retirement. If your investments suffer losses during this time, your savings may not be able to recover enough to completely fund your retirement. Recent market volatility indicates that the retirement risk zone is even longer in duration than previously imagined. Bequest Insurance’s advisors offer their clients a variety of investment solutions that are guaranteed to protect savings that are earmarked to provide retirement income. 

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