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If you’re self-employed or without benefits at work, you may want to consider the EDGE Health & Dental1 program.


Since 1985, The Edge Benefits has done things differently. They start with an affordable base plan that covers drug, medical and dental expenses with no required medicals to qualify. From there, EDGE's a la carte approach and flexible design options allow you to customize the perfect plan for your needs and budget. You can choose to upgrade one, two or all three:


·      Drug Upgrade to $2,000 per person/year

·      Extended Health Care Upgrade

·      Dental Upgrade




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With EDGE’s Health & Dental plans, you only pay for the coverage that you and your family need to manage day-to-day health maintenance expenses for preventive care, medical services and medical aid devices.


It’s easy, quick, flexible, and affordable, and includes a 30-day quality guarantee with return of premium.


Visit my Instant Quote link for a smooth, on-demand experience where you can learn more about EDGE Health & Dental Plans, customize a plan for yourself, and even apply for immediate coverage, all in just a few minutes. Or, if you have any questions, I’m just a phone call or email away, and would be happy to assist you.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Jack Bergmans

Certified Financial Planner

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1 Health & Dental plans provided by Green Shield Canada.







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