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Insurance companies offer savings tools with great benefits, like GICs and Segregated Funds.

Insured GICs

GICs offered through insurance companies offer you the ability to name beneficiaries to receive the proceeds when you pass away, which is very important.

If you want to leave the remainder of a GIC to an heir or a charity, the ability to name beneficiaries (which is common for any insurance product) takes the GIC out of your estate and out of your will. This ensures your GICs transition to your beneficiaries within a few weeks. It also means that these funds do not go through the probate process, which can take a year or more. This eliminates having to pay probate taxes and fees on these funds. And your beneficiaries gets the whole amount plus all accrued interest – quickly and easily!

Please note that GIC rates can change daily. The financial experts at Bequest Insurance shop the market on your behalf for the best rates available in Canada. 

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Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are essentially the mutual funds of the insurance world. 

Like all insurance products, with segregated funds you can name beneficiaries which takes the funds out of your estate and out of your will. Keeping this in mind, many people choose funds that guarantee that on their passing, their beneficiaries quickly receive 100% of the total investment, or the fund's market value, whichever is higher. 

The features offered with segregated funds can vary from company to company so your interests can be aligned with features and benefits specific to your needs and wishes.

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Watch this short video as Bequest Insurance's financial advisors, Judy Doré and Jack Bergmans discuss the benefits of investing your savings in insurance company products.