Using Annuities to Enhance Charitable Giving

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Using annuities to secure your future while being exceedingly generous

An annuity is an insurance-related savings tool that more and more Canadians are using to secure for themselves a guaranteed regular income for either a specified period of time or for life.

You can set up an annuity by contributing a lump sum of money to an insurance company, which they invest. They then, return to you a portion of your funds plus interest, usually on a monthly basis. If the funds you contributed come from non-registered savings, only the interest portion of your income is taxable.

Often the annual rate of return you receive from annuities is notably higher than interest offered by GICs offered by banks.

Sample monthly income from $100,000 annuity 
(May 2014)

60-year-old Male: $520.49 = 6.25% rate of return per year
70/Male: $670.37 = 8.04%/yr.
75/Male: $778.23 = 9.34%/yr.

60/Female: $474.46 = 5.07%/yr.
70/Female: $600.99 = 7.21%/yr.
75/Female: $700.67 = 8.41%/yr.


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Annuities are a very safe investment because they are financially backed by Canada's insurance companies, which, like our banks, are the envy of the world for their stability and asset quality.

To fulfill your philanthropic goals, you can assign your charity to be the beneficiary of any remaining capital in your annuity, upon your passing.

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