Variable annuities

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Variable annuities

Variable annuities can be your guaranteed-for-life personal pension plan, and are ideal if you answer Yes to any of the following questions:

  • Are you saving for retirement or transitioning into retirement?
  • Are you worried about running out of money before you pass away?
  • Are you without any company pension plan, and concerned about stretching your savings across your retirement years?
  • Are you anxious that future market fluctuations will seriously undercut your savings?

Variable annuities often combine the market risk of segregated funds with a guaranteed notional annual return of 5% on your investments during your savings (pre-retirement) years to provide you with a guaranteed income for life.

By transferring savings or locked-in retirement funds into a variable annuity, you get ongoing income based on the market value of your investments or the notional value, whichever is higher at the time you start taking income.

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Watch this short video on using variable annuities to create guaranteed income for life.